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What am I focusing on these days?  This page is updated frequently and inspired by the Now page movement.

  • I did a trip βœˆοΈ to the south of Italy and the south of France last month. I visited Naples, Capri Island and the famous Amalfi Coast in Italy; Nice, Cannes and Provence region of France. The trip was absolutely amazing!  The best decision was to go in a non-touristy season. I will definitely do a post on my blog about the trip. 

  • I continue writing Planet:tech newsletter. In the latest issue, I explore how CRISPR and  gene-edited foods could potentially bring to the table a new opportunity to improve our health, food taste as well as fight climate change. Don’t forget to subscribe. πŸ˜‰

  • Books I am reading:
β€œAccessibility for Everyone”.  Our  co-founders at The Gradient brought me this book from their recent trip to New York  (thank you Oleg and Denis!) It is  a good book to get anyone started on accessibility.

  • Articles I recommend:
β€œThe bus ticket theory of genious” by Paul Graham.  To summarize: one of the recipes for genius is to have a disinterested obsession with something that matters

β€œThe history of smallpox & the origins of vaccinesβ€œ. A fascinating read.  Smallpox was one of the worst diseases in human history. It  is also, among diseases, humanity’s greatest triumph: the only human disease we have completely eradicated. Along the way, it led to some of the earliest clinical trials and quantitative epidemiology, and the first vaccines. It is a fascinating exploration by The Roots of Progress, one of my top favorite  resources.

  • What I watch: old good Netflix shows. 😁 One of their recent series that I enjoy is β€œInside Bill's Brainβ€œ, documentary that details the inner workings of Bill Gates's mind, work and philanthropic projects. Totally recommend it.  

  • Another  one is  Netflix documentary β€œRotten”  that  explains how the food industry can be corrupt and how it affects everyone from the farmer to the consumer. To summarise: the way we get our food is inherently f*&%&*.

  • Hobbies: painting classes πŸŽ¨ and trying cooking various vegan meals. I also started a few online courses on art recently, the one I really enjoy is β€œModern Art and Ideas” by MOMA on Coursera. 

Last  update:  November 2019.

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