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Some of my articles published around the web. 

Integrating marketing with product design. (Medium) How marketers and designers can work closely together from day one when building products.

Building a smart personal contact app. (Medium) A design case on how a product design team took the challenge of creating a beautiful and simple contact app.

Lessons from 500 Startups on Building a Product Business. (Mind The Product) Insights from a ProductTank meetup with Marvin Liao, a Partner at 500Startups about building a product company.

Asynchronous communication for remote teams. (Youteam.io) An overview of asynchronous communication and how distributed teams can benefit from it.

An interview with Alex from Doist about remote work. (The art of remote) Doist is one of the  most inspiring remote teams, and I had a blast to talk to Alex, a product designer at Doist about their best practices. 

How Mobile App Development is Fueling Digital Marketing.  (Youteam.io) From mobile-friendly to mobile-first, marketers continue to rethink their most important digital channels.

Sustainable cities: The future of climate change is decided in cities.  (Planet:tech newsletter) A glimpse into how with the help of technology we can reduce the ecological footprint of the cities and make our urban areas safer, healthier, and better places to live.

How VR can help tackle climate change.  (Planet:tech newsletter) Today, VR is widely used to promote a better understanding of nature and environmental challenges.

Маркетинг пятого размера: инсайдерский взгляд на Кремниевую Долину. (Media Marketing Review) Статья об особенностях работы стартапов в Кремниевой Долине.

Бизнесы как динозавтры - стартапы как кометы. (Media Marketing Review) Статья о том, какие подходы к работе крупные бренды могут позаимствовать у стартапов. 

Будущее рядом: мобильные приложения для медитации. (Vogue Ukraine). Cтатья-обзоор мобильных приложений для медитаций.

Поєднання маркетингу та дизайну в роботі над цифровими продуктами. (Telegraf Design).