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What am I focusing on these days?  This page is updated frequently and inspired by the Now page movement.

Last  update: February, 2018

  • Currently, I'm in San Francisco for a few more months!  
I love this city so much and feel like home here, despite all the challenges of living in the totally different country and culture. All together it is my 14th month here  (as I keep coming back and forth starting from 2014). 

  • Finishing work with my current client in the crypto/ICO field.  It is a wild space now :)  but very interesting and a lot of learnings. 

  • I keep running a community for girls in SF.  We are getting so many positive feedback and reviews from members, I can’t stress enough how inspiring and rewarding it feels. We get 50 new members each week without any ads and marketing efforts (sadly, no time for that). Currently we are working on our manifesto and will publish it next month.

  • Currently, I’ve joined an amazing online community Leap by Ycombinator, and it is amazing! I try to contribute daily, have met a lot of really awesome women there already. Leap hosted an offline event for ‘women in crypto’ last week, and I was excited to meet some of the members IRL.

  • For brain food I read FarnamStreat blog, Creative mornings blog, The Journal by Kevin Rose and many more. My inbox is a disaster. 😭

  • Listening to podcasts on Breaker daily, mostly about tech news, crypto,  products, creativity.

If you think we can work together on smth interesting or you just want to chat about tech, products or art, please don’t hesitate to connect. 😊

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