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What am I focusing on these days?  This page is updated frequently and inspired by the Now page movement.

  • I’ve joined an incredible team at The Gradient this January,  one of the most talented product design teams I’ve seen.  I’m really enjoying every single day at work.  Also, we are super fun. 😜 Check out what we are working on

  • I’m back to my TED passion and organizing TEDxLive  with the suport of my team @The__Gradient, and Oksana in particular. We will be live-streaming the global TED2019 event and enjoy the evening with live music and discussion of ideas worth spreading! 

  • Books I am reading now: ‘Living Nonviolent Communication‘. I highly recommend it for everyone as it provides invaluable insights on how to resolve conflicts, communicate our needs, and develop the  skills to hear and understand others.

  • The latest events in New Zealand really touched my heart as a gruesome evidence of the power and limitations of the social media platforms. I’m really interested in the topics of social media and privacy and highly recommend  The Interface newsletter by Casey Newton covering  Facebook, social networks, privacy and democracy. Also, Casey is an awesome person to follow on Twitter.

Last  update:  March 2019.

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