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What am I focusing on these days?  This page is updated frequently and inspired by the Now page movement.

Last  update:  April 2018.

  • I’m back to Ukraine to visit my family and make a much needed break, 😊  to travel more, focus on my side projects  💻, and learning.

  • Working on a side project for female founders and women in tech called FeMakers. 👸Now with  my co-founder Tanya we are focused on branding, wireframes, value propositions and more. 
  • Running a Supergirls in SF, a community of women interested in health andwelness, is  super fun. Our facebook page is growing organically, so I’m more focused on updating our website and blog,  and creating a pipeline of events for the next months.

  • Books I was reading in April:  ‘Shoe Dog’ on Audible and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ on my Kindle.

  • Arts and crafts: went to the ceramics class for the first time and in love with it! Will definitely continue.

  • Personal: got a new tattoo! 🌿

I’d love to know what are you working on  now,  😊let’s  chat. 😊

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