What am I focusing on these days?  This page is updated frequently and inspired by the Now page movement.

  • Currently, I'm in San Francisco for a few more months! Totally enjoying. ✨

  • Working in the crypto space is very interesting.  And being in the startups/VC  world  has always been my cup of tea. Missing the days I worked at the accelerator! 🙃

  • Joined a wonderful team (as a side project)  building a community for girls in SF. We do cool workouts (totally free!), events and workshops for women, and more  cool stuff coming soon.  👯

  • Working on one more *side project*.  All weekends and evenings are now busy. 🙄

  • Taking online class on Blockchain technology on Coursera. Missing the deadlines though. 😱

  • Still help organizing  ProductTank meetups in Lviv, now remotely.  

  • Blogs and newsletters about all things tech are always a huge part of my daily life. The recent favorite is  The Interface by Casey Newton. Seriously love it.

  • To learn more about crypto I joined the Token Daily community. Totally recommend!

  • Listening to podcasts on Breaker daily, mostly about tech news, crypto,  products, mindfulness.

  • Going to yoga regularly (finally!).

  • The books I’m reading now are One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez and  finishing The Power of Now.

  • I tweet much more often now. And snapchating. Barely use Facebook and Instagram, and not missing it at all. Also love Kiyo, check it out!

  • Excited to see more girls starting their own companies!  I met  Alexa on twitter first and now IRL, she is working on project around mental health and mindfulness.  Something I was thinking of working on too, and would one day.

If you think we can work together on smth interesting or you just want to chat about tech, products or art, please don’t hesitate to connect. 😊

Last  update: January, 2018

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