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What am I focusing on these days?  This page is updated frequently and inspired by the Now page movement.

  • Currently, I'm working as a freelance consultant and help a startup team with  user research, product and marketing strategy, communications and community building.  

  • Inspired abut our tech future after visiting Websummit in Lisbon. I was especially  interested in talks aboutt AI,  VR, autonomous vehicles, robotics.

  • Taking online classes on human-centered design  on Coursera.

  • I'm also dedicating my time to  organizing regular  ProductTank meetups in Lviv and helping to build a local product community.

  • Blogs, newsletters, Slack groups and podcasts about technology are a huge part of my daily life. 

  • Creating a long travel wishlist for 2018 (hope to make it!).

  • Reading about typography.

  • Started practicing calligraphy.

Last  update: November, 2017.