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Hi, I’m Aleksandra


I'm product, community, and technology obsessed. Passionate about businesses that strive to make a positive impact in the world, health and wellness, sustainability, and using technology to improve people’s lives.

I specialize in product marketing, user research, and community building. I use empathy, curiosity and technology to understand people, analyze problems and help to build products that people love.  You can read more about my work here.

I’ve also been a proud organizer of large tech conferences, hackathons, TEDx events, and meetups.  If you need help with running your event – let me know!

I’m currently freelancing and working remotely, if you’d like to chat, drop me a line or let’s connect on twitter! 😊

I love working with people that are passionate about what they are doing and always willing to do their best work. I know what it means to work together to make something great.

Side projects and volunteering

 I invest 1/3 of my time into volunteering, mentorship and helping to build and grow various communities. The best thing about growing professionally is the increased ability to give back. 🙏

I’m currently running a girls community in SF,  work on a project for Female Founders, as well as an active contributor to communities like Product Hunt, Leap, WomenMake

Let’s work together

I’m always looking for new projects and products to work on. If you think I can be helpful or you just want to chat about tech, products or art, please don’t hesitate to connect